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Portal for Grief Care

02 Hope for Coping (G02)

Hope for Coping includes: Acceptance: The Last Stage? Mourning and Morning. Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

Guided learning with self-reflection questions and journaling tools.

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  • Welcome to Hope for Coping
  • User Guide - Portal for Grief Care (PDF)
  • 02-1 Acceptance, The Last Stage?
  • 02-1a Description - Acceptance: The Last Stage?
  • 02-1b Interactive Video - Acceptance: The Last Stage?
  • 02-1c My Life Reflections - Acceptance?
  • 02-1d PDF Download/Print - Acceptance Tree
  • 02-2 Mourning and Morning
  • 02-2a Description - Mourning and Morning
  • 02-2b Interactive Video - Mourning and Morning
  • 02-2c My Life Reflections - Mourning and Morning
  • 02-2d PDF Download/Print - Mourning Morning Seeds
  • 02-3a Description - Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
  • 02-3b Interactive Video - Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
  • 02-3c My Life Reflections - Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
  • 02-3d PDF Download/Print - Holidays
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever